Please Donate! Former Player loses house in fire

Feb 7, 2007
Hey guys, I am a Florida state alarm but I am the president for a little league organization over here in South Walton Florida near Sandestin and Santa Rosa beach. Our vice president is a former player for the Bulldogs name Ryan Carroll, he played baseball for you guys and I believe possibly basketball back in the early 2000’s. On Wednesday of this week we had a massive fire that went through our small town burned up to almost 700 acres and it destroyed 33 houses I believe was the last count. Ryan’s house was one of them it burnt to the ground with nothing but the concrete slab left. I believe that he lost everything memorabilia wise that he had from his playing days but also everything for his kids and wife they have three boys ages six months seven years old and six years old. If you can or find it in your heart to give I’m going to attach the go fund me link here and if somebody can share it on the other part that is the paid version of the site I am not a member and so I didn’t have a chance to post it over there.I have started a go fund me page for him that he does not know about currently. So I would like to try to raise as much as we can to bless him with whatever he needs.Ryan is as good of a guy as anybody could ever meet he has been selflessly helping everybody even before all of this so I would like to bless him as much as possible during this difficult time.